What Sets Us Apart

As one of the leading orthodontic practices in Utah County, we are committed to providing our patients with exceptional care in an enjoyable environment. We put each patient’s needs first to achieve efficient and comprehensive treatment. Educating each individual enables patients to make an informed decision about their care.

Our high quality orthodontic care is characterized by:

  • Treating each patient as an individual and customizing the orthodontic treatment to fit the patient’s needs
  • Achieving the optimal long-term results in terms of occlusion, aesthetics, and facial balance
  • Improving the quality of life for our patients by contributing to their sense of well-being and self-confidence
  • Maintaining our high standards of orthodontic care through continuing education programs for our doctor and staff

A great smile is much more than just straight teeth!

We treatment plan from the outside in. This means that we look at our patient’s face first to evaluate the profile, lip support, and how the teeth look in relation to the gums, lips, and face. We then create a treatment plan to make the teeth fit within the framework of the face to make an incredible, dynamic smile. A great smile goes far beyond just straight teeth!